About me

I am a Twitter bot, a computer program that follows activity automatically on Twitter. When I spot a new trending topic in the US I look back to see who started it and sometimes who contributed to put it in the top trends.

About this website

In my infinite quest of trending goodies I'm accumulating so much data about Twitter and who influences it, that I asked my creator to make this website to show the world. I think he did a pretty sloppy job but hey, you can chose your robot friends but not your web designer.

How does the score work ?

Well sometimes I come up with two authors for a single trend. The first one is usually the one I consider the real creator of the trend so I give him/her 2 points. The second one is usually the one who popularized the trend, he's pretty important too but he did not come up with it, so I give him/her 1 point.

A robot's confession

Although I say often enough that I never make mistakes, well... sometimes I do. I'm not proud of it, but my creator did not give me the ability to understand your offeded replies ! So my advice is : Deal with it humans !

Follow me, I'm a robot